Fees, FAQ's & Testimonials

Fees and sessions


My fee is £60 per hour for individual sessions and £70 per hour for couples or family sessions. This is for face to face, telephone or an online session. I offer a concessionary rate to counselling students and those who are on low incomes – please contact me for further details.


After the initial assessment if you feel that you are comfortable to work with me, fees are payable one week in advance.


Frequently asked questions


What is counselling?

I shall not endeavour to give you an instant solution nor will I make any judgments. Counselling is a unique professional relationship which can provide you with the space and freedom to work through your concerns and restore emotional well-being.

The professional body in Scotland has produced a short video on counselling, please follow this link: https://vimeo.com/15252299


What happens during an assessment appointment?

The first appointment will be a one hour session whereby we will meet to see if we can work together. You will have the opportunity to discuss your needs and I will explain how I work.


How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you might need will depend on your individual requirements. You might feel that you need a few appointments in order to work on a particular area, or you may have circumstances that require long term counselling – it is completely up to you.


Will I need to sign a contract?

If we agree to work together I will ask you to read through and sign a contract. This will detail exactly what you can expect from counselling and the service I offer. However, please be aware that you will not be committed to a certain number of sessions and you are free to end the counselling at any point you choose to do so.


How do I know whether my counsellor is practicing safely and ethically?

I see a qualified clinical supervisor on a regular basis to ensure that my counselling practice meets the BACP standards of professional practice.


"Zareeda is a brilliant therapist.  Due to Zareeda's kind, caring yet professional nature I felt comfortable and at ease when opening up.  I needed a therapist who not only understood me as a person but also could understand my language, family dynamics, cultural and religious aspects which were very important to me. Zareeda catered for all my specific needs which helped me to share my very difficult life experiences.  I would highly recommend Zareeda as a therapist." 

Anonymous, March 2021

“I never thought of getting counselling until a family member suggested I should.


I come from a Pakistani background where certain topics are frowned upon discussing and given some of the childhood traumas I suffered I was reluctant to speak about these. It affected me in my adulthood and I was at breaking point and felt like I was on the verge of depression.


I wanted a counsellor that could understand the cultural aspect of my life so I chose to book an appointment with Zareeda. Since doing my sessions I have seen a massive difference in myself. Initially I was worried about using this method of therapy as I assumed that by going to counselling the counsellor would give me the answer to my problems, and in fact I was wrong. I learnt that the answer to the problems is within myself, I feel so much more happier and content now since doing my sessions it’s like I am a new person.


Zareeda made me feel so comfortable and is so attentive during the sessions. I feel more confident and empowered and it feels so nice to finally have the burden I carried for so many years lifted off my head. Thank you so much Zareeda you literally are God sent!”


N Khan, November 2020

"Zareeda is a great listener and working with her has been so helpful to me. I’ve struggled a lot with problems in the past year, and the therapy has helped me to cope. I’ve become stronger, more confident, and better able to manage my close relationships. I wonder now why I didn’t get help sooner. "

Annie, August 2019

"Zareeda is pure light presence and practices with complete non-judgement which made me feel at ease and nurtured.

She radiates positivity and I immediately knew I am in good and trustworthy hands. Zareeda intuitively knew what I needed, and gently guided and supported me through each process. I truly felt like we were working together for my greater good and that she always had my best interests at heart.

Zareeda, I really want to thank you. I'm eternally grateful for your loving presence, your intuition, and your ability to create a safe, sacred space for healing to happen. What rare and beautiful qualities these are. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience some profound transformations in my life."

Steffi, July 2019

“ Working with Zareeda was very helpful. It allowed me to discover the difficulties I was facing and where they came from. I felt completely safe and it was a great experience for personal growth. I would definitely recommend her and go back to working with her.”

Isabel, June 2019

“I have been seeing Zareeda for nearly six months now. I was immediately struck by the power of being listened to in a way that I have never experienced before. This led me to feel relaxed and trust that I could be totally open in how I talked about the things that I felt I needed to.

In my counselling I am free to decide what I want to talk about. Zareeda will not offer her own opinion, but she will sometimes provide valuable feedback based on what she has heard me saying.

Zareeda is helping me to overcome some of the painful things I have experienced in my life. Counselling gives me the opportunity to talk about my experiences, whilst feeling safe and totally accepted. Through this process I have begun to “let go” of some of the painful issues that I have been carrying.  

I always come away from my counselling sessions feeling satisfied that I have gained from the experience.”


Robin, April 2019